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Mental Wellness

Stress, lack of sleep and substance abuse all have adverse effects on health. These contribute to anxiety, depression, obesity, immune dysfunction, and increased overall risk for chronic disease.  Members of Sozo Lifestyle Medicine will be given tools to help deal with stress, develop good sleep habits, and when needed, will be assisted with tobacco cessation and limiting alcohol consumption. Sozo has personable, motivated staff who will walk alongside members as they work towards mental and emotional wellness.

Sozo is developing a team of counselors, health coaches and life coaches to assist patients in their journeys. Most classes and group sessions are included in membership, while individual sessions will be an additional cost.

Physical Fitness

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Our goal at Sozo is to create a large community of members working towards the common goal of becoming and staying healthy. In addition to medical and counseling offices, our facility offers a community room for classes and a small on-site gym for training and workouts.

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