Success Starts at the Store

By Hannah Kokulis | December 14, 2023 |

Meeting your nutritional goals starts with the foods you decide to buy at the grocery store. Having a plan when you walk in, and understanding what to look for on…

4 min

Processed Foods

By Hannah Kokulis | December 12, 2023 |

I saw a quote recently that said, “Society eats so much junk food that eating real food is considered a diet.”  How true this is! Isn’t it interesting that eating…

2 min

Hunger: Feeling, Managing, Eating

By Maryrose Young | December 5, 2023 |

Ghrelin Release You are changing the way you eat, which means your hunger-fullness cues are adjusting also. Do you remember the experiment with the sheep and ghrelin (the hunger hormone)?…

4 min

Setting Those SMART Goals

By Annie Hanson | December 2, 2023 |

Let’s talk about goal setting. When we set goals, we often focus on big picture goals, like, I want to lose 50 pounds or I want to run a marathon…

5 min

Embracing N.E.A.T. to Change Your Life

By Annie Hanson | November 30, 2023 |

What is N.E.A.T.? NEAT stands for non-exercise activity thermogenesis, which refers to the calories burned in your day to day activity (things that you don’t even think about). Some examples…

2 min

Healthy over the Holidays

By Hannah Kokulis | November 8, 2023 |

Good news: the average weight gain over the holidays is only about a pound. Bad news: that pound tends to stick around and over the years adds up. This holiday…

2 min

Protein Powder

By Maryrose Young | October 3, 2023 |

Let’s Talk Protein Powders 97% of Americans get enough protein in their diet regardless of eating pattern: vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, omnivore. It is a rarity to find someone who does…

3 min

Sneaky Added Sugars

By Hannah Kokulis | October 3, 2023 |

As you start making nutritional changes, something that you may start paying more attention to is the ‘total’ and ‘added’ sugars in the foods you eat. Most foods have natural…

2 min

Back to School Lunches Made Easy

By Hannah Kokulis | August 23, 2023 |

August is almost over, which means if you have kids at home you have started packing lunches every day.  This can sometimes feel like a repetitive chore, but with a…

3 min

Sleep and Pavlov’s Dogs

By Maryrose Young | July 24, 2023 |

Sleep troubles are a big deal and getting good sleep is more important than many of us realize, both for day-to-day functioning and overall health. Many people already know about…

2 min