Back to School Lunches Made Easy

By Hannah Kokulis | August 23, 2023 |

August is almost over, which means if you have kids at home you have started packing lunches every day.  This can sometimes feel like a repetitive chore, but with a…

3 min

Sleep and Pavlov’s Dogs

By Maryrose Young | July 24, 2023 |

Sleep troubles are a big deal and getting good sleep is more important than many of us realize, both for day-to-day functioning and overall health. Many people already know about…

2 min

How We Talk to Our Kids about Food

By Hannah Kokulis | June 13, 2023 |

We all have a very personal relationship with food. We have to! We need it daily to survive, it is highlighted culturally, it is at the center of family traditions,…

4 min

Is Type II Diabetes Reversible?

By Maryrose Young | June 3, 2023 |

According to the CDC, 49.3% of the US population over 18-years-old has diabetes or prediabetes. Can that be right? Almost half of the people in the United States are diabetic…

2 min

Hidden Calories

By Hannah Kokulis | May 1, 2023 |

Sozo is not a calorie counting place. Our goal is to guide you to make decisions regarding nutrition and eating based on what will fuel and nourish your body well…

5 min

Exercise and Menopause

By Hannah Kokulis | April 4, 2023 |

Let’s take a look at menopause and perimenopause and a few things you can do to ease the transition. Menopause takes place twelve months after a women’s monthly period comes…

3 min

You Just Finished a Round of Antibiotics, Now What?

By Hannah Kokulis | March 2, 2023 |

Antibiotics are used to fight infections caused by bacteria.  Most people have taken them at some point in the past, or will have to in the future. The problem with…

4 min

Eating a Plant-Rich Diet

By Hannah Kokulis | January 12, 2023 |

At the beginning of 2022, my commitment to the year was to eat a mostly plant-based diet. Unlike most resolutions, this one I was motivated to keep. The main struggles…

3 min

Easy Ways to Boost Your Fiber, Vitamins and Phytonutrients!

By Maryrose Young | December 1, 2022 |

Looking for some fun ways to get more FIBER, vitamins, and phytonutrients in your everyday? 4. Count Plant Points Start counting plant points! The whole goal with plant points is…

2 min

Don’t Ditch Your Holiday Drinks… Make Them Even Better

By Hannah Kokulis | November 7, 2022 |

If you’re anything like me, the approaching holiday season has me ready for sweaters, blankets, good books, and warm holiday-drinks. After nearly a year of eating a mainly plant-based diet…

3 min