Healthy Kids!

  • Jon and I did the traditional baby food route with our twins but with the younger two we hopped on the baby-led weaning train and it was awesome! It helps baby learn to enjoy different textures and flavors early on and feeding with BLW helps them learn to self-regulate. Instead of someone putting a spoon in their mouth, they figure out when they are done. This website is helpful to get you started, but enjoy YouTubing BLW videos.
  • Plant-Based Juniors has a lot of great info, tips and recipes if you are plant based or even if you aren't but want to see the benefits of increasing plants in your kids diet. I follow them on Facebook too for fun snack and meal ideas.
  • The Ellyn Satter Institute helps teach parents how to "transform family meals into joyful, healthful, struggle-free events, free from drama and conflict."  Jon and I have used many of the principles learned from this website with our own kids. They don't eat everything but are certainly more adventurous than I was as a kid! I love her concept of the division of responsibility.  Check it out.
  • Feeding Littles is another great resource. I have not taken any of their courses but follow their Facebook page and love getting tips!


Clean Eating Recipes and Blogs

  • Nutrition Facts is a great website with webinars, videos, recipes, and blogs with up-to-date nutrition facts. The website also has specific resources grouped by goal or health condition.
  • Full Plate Living has resources for weight loss, diabetes management, and recipes, and is free to sign-up for. FullPlateLiving supports a plant-rich diet and teaches how to turn your favorite meals into nutrient-rich dishes.
  • Forks Over Knives is a plant-based organization with hundreds of recipes, articles, and health topics to look into.