What Makes the Direct Care Model so Great?

Dr. Young provides Lifestyle Medicine focused direct care based on a Direct Primary Care (DPC) model.

In a traditional fee for service (FFS) model, the physician-patient relationship is often devalued. Physicians working in the FFS system want to provide a high level of care but are often constrained by a huge administrative burden dealing with insurance companies and billing companies.  They must have larger patient panels to cover the increased administrative costs and often spend their time coding, billing and trying to jump through administrative hoops rather than focusing that time on patient care. 

DPC was created to leave the third party out of the patient-physician relationship. Physicians are able to have smaller patient panels so they are not rushed and can practice medicine in a more personalized manner allowing for more time to listen to and educate patients. This leads to a high quality of care.

Up front, direct care may seem more costly, but it often isn’t. While there is a monthly fee, patients in a direct care practice often save money in other areas – they can get in to see their doctor in a timely manner and can text or call with questions leading to less ER and urgent care visits. At Sozo we will be working with you and supporting you in making lifestyle changes that will minimize your need for medication, specialist visits and hospitalization. 

A quick comparison: 

 FFSDirect Care
Time with PhysicanUnder 10 minutes30-60 minutes
Number of patients per doctor2500300-600
Time to schedule a new patient visit4 weeks1-2 days
Wait time to see physician20 minutes0
Urgent care visit cost$1500
These numbers are estimates.

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