It’s Not About the Toast

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This blog isn’t about avocado toast. You all know how I feel about avocado toast, and if you don’t- Avocado toast makes me happy! This post isn’t about fiber. Oooh, but look at all that FIBER! It isn’t about variety or phytonutrients or trying new things, although, ahem, wink, wink just take a second to appreciate all of that in this most excellent avocado toast. 

This post is about doing small things with great love. 

Yesterday Jon made the best avocado toast for lunch. I had already eaten so I declined his offer to make me some. But in typical Jon fashion he made me the “perfect bite” and it was so good. So naturally this morning while I was working in the kitchen, I asked Jon if he would make us that avocado toast for breakfast. Of course. Jon spent time slicing and prepping and presented me with the greatest avocado toast ever…better than the pricey ones I’ve had at fancy restaurants. But he didn’t make one for himself. He had mentioned intermittent fasting yesterday, but I didn’t realize he was starting today.  He could have said, “Oh, sorry, I’m not eating this morning.” He could have said, “Let’s have it for lunch instead?” But he didn’t. He made me avocado toast.

I think about my children and how simple interactions can tip the course of the day. When one child is trying to open the door with full hands, some days a sibling will ignore the struggler or even reject requests for help with a snotty reply.  Other days the sibling will rush to help without prompting. The little act of love changes the tone of their relationship, and it changes the tone for the day.

Now, when Mother Theresa said, “do small things with great love” I know that her situation was entirely different. She was in Calcutta serving the poorest of the poor. But the beauty of the concept spans nearly any situation. How would your day look differently if it starts with someone doing a small act of love for you. More importantly, how could you influence the tone of someone else’s day and also your own, if you looked for little ways to show love. 

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